About Us
All of our products are grown and handcrafted with TLC.  Our succulent and tillandsia garden dishes are created around social calendared events such as Valentines, Mother's Day, Easter etc.  All of our miniature dish signs are handcrafted. We also create garden dishes for personal occasions such as  weddings and baby showers, birthdays, etc.
Most of our garden dishes are repurposed, keeping them out of our local landfills when we can.  Most are saved by us or donated by friends and other community members. We will purchase containers for large orders.
In the near future we will be offering personalized handcrafted garden signs, gardening apron and tote bags, hand soap as well as other gardening accessories.  We will also be offering in our professional area an “Ask the Gardener” and "Sustainable Consultation," sections as well as an online store. You can visit us on face book and instagram add Nanisgarden to your browser or click on one of the links below.